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5 Commonly Missed Areas Around Your Home That Needs Insulation

Aug 11

Are your walls frozen or are you struggling to keep up with rising energy prices? It could be that insulation is not working in your home. It doesn't matter how modern or old your house may be do not think that the attic, walls and ceilings are adequately insulated.


Which part of your house is most in need of insulation?


Simple fixes like sealing the attic and weatherstripping , and the improvement of the insulation Richmond VA can make a huge difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home. The most crucial step is identifying the areas of your home that are insufficient.

Attic Insulation is only thin

What is the R-factor of the insulation on your attic floor? It might be surprising find out how little insulation your attic has to stop heat from escaping. The R-value of insulation is influenced by the type and the thickness of the insulation. Older insulation is not able to perform as well as newer insulation.


Find a reputable home insulation expert if you have questions regarding insulation in your attic. Because furnace heat rises, it is essential to insulate the attic properly.

Attic insulation near exterior walls is missing.

Check the borders of the attic, where the exterior walls meet the roof. It's amazing how many houses don't have the proper insulation. If you don't have enough insulation your attic could become a hotspot.

If your roof's tophangs are not properly insulated, this attic will become colder. The furnace's heat causes snow to gather on your roof, where it melts and then freezes again after it has reached the cold attic boundaries. Massive ice dams can be the result and extremely destructive to the roof. Your home's energy efficiency is enhanced and ice dams can be avoided if you install insulation Richmond VA, to these areas.


Insulation in walls that are too thin or not present

It is possible that your walls are cold. It could be that your walls aren't adequately insulated. The insulation of your walls will help you save money on your bill for utilities. Environmentally friendly insulation is an excellent option. The cellulose insulation which is blown into walls, ceilings, and attic spaces through our insulation Richmond VA contractors is an ideal option for those who are concerned about the environment.

The walls around switches and outlets aren't well-insulated.

Small holes in your home may allow warm the air that is escaping from your furnace. Although it might seem inconsequential, outlets and switches within your home may be a source of heat loss if they aren't properly insulated.


It is not uncommon for the electrical box to remain exposed while installing switches and outlets. Remove the wall plate and check the insulation between your electrical box and the wall cavity to determine whether there is any. Insulate the walls around electrical boxes can make your home more warm.

A lack of insulation in the garage

The majority of garage walls aren't constructed with insulation or drywall. Garages are not properly insulated If you notice naked studs or exposed rafters. The proper wall insulation for the garage will significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home and improve the quality of indoor air.


A garage without a well-insulated Richmond VA installation could lead to high energy bills for Richmond. The garage is right close to your home. Your home is heated when air leaks out of cracks in garage doors as well as the walls that connect it. It is as easy as weatherproofing your garage and insulation to distinguish between the cold and warm homes.

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